Someone might think the link between water and Zodiac is irrilevant. A series of coincidences, not a series of acts of will of the killer’s mind. But that’s not true.

According with Robert Graysmith, for example, it’s certain that the man behind the Zodiac mask copied “his killer’s identity” from the swiss brand Zodiac Watches, whose advertising in the ’60s was principally based on the water-proof skill of “one of the first diver watches manufactered and marketed to the masses”.


Not only his identity is linked to water. The presence of water has a rate of recurrency of 100% in all 8 official and unofficial attacks of Zodiac. From Riverside to South Lake Thaoe, the mass murder always killed close to water holes, and, a part of San Francisco, in locations directly linked by name to a rivers, creeks and lakes: Riverside, Lake Herman Road, Blue Rock Springs, Lake Berryessa, Cherry and Maple streets (Lake Mountain Park), South Lake Tahoe. The murder of Sgt Richard Radetich (June 19, 1970), for wich Zodiac claimed his responsabilty, was committed 300 ft away from a street that was named after a river: Potomac.


In his correspondence, Zodiac used the word “water” directly only two times, but interesting fact, he used that word for describing his method of shot “I spray them like it was a water hose” and for one of his tortures “I shall listen to their pleass for water”. By the way Zodiac not so cryptically mentioned water several times. “I am crack-proof…” and “I am crack-proof like I alway said” are only two examples.

The citation of the movie Yellow Subarine (“Blue meanies”) in the same letter where Zodiac wrote “I was swamped out by the rain” is indicative that his allusions are closer to the action of being submerged and dying by water than to the water element.


Zodiac might have quoted Eliot and The Waste Land when he decided to drawn his Halloween Card. One of the elements I’ve found in trying to understand what one of his symbol means (the letter Jay), is just the phoenician alphabet, the language of Phlebas. Quite certainly the card contains a big citation of Tim Holt and the Death Wheel (Tahoe27 – zodiackillersite.com). It’s intriguing that “death by water” is the only “death by” of five wich Zodiac didn’t copy and past from the comic’s cover to his card. And it’s also intriguing that the most famous “death by water” is a chapter of the Waste Land of Eliot.

Finally, it’s not just the sentence “I am drowning” written to Melvin Belli, or all those hints, to say “death by water” is the real signature of the serial killer, but his last signature itself. In the so called “exorcist letter” there is no “Zodiac” no celtic cross as signature, but a quote of the opera Mikado of Arthur Sullivan ad W.S. Gilbert: a drowning (here recited by Mitchell Butel, min 1.38).


Do you think the mysterious symbol at the bottom of the letter could mean “TO KILL“, like Richard Grinell says?
On page 22 of Tim Holt and the Death Wheel, you can find exactly the sentence to whom Zodiac seems to refer: “Go to drink water – we kill”.
In fact his real signature is just “drink-water“.


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