By Francesco Amicone

In the official military documents on Joe Bevilacqua recently sent by the Military Records Center in Saint Louis, United States, there are some useful informations that could help the Authorities to lead the truth in the “Zodiac” case.


Joe Bevilacqua is a witness in the italian mass murder case known as the Monster of Florence case (1974 – 1985).
After I met know him in the summer 2017, in September, he admitted to me, indirectly but clearly, of being both the Monster and the Zodiac Killer.

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The documents published on this page were mailed in the autumn of 2018 and do not confirm or deny the statements made by Bevilacqua. Some dates and places of assignment are different (or even missing) compared to what stated by Bevilacqua. The possible reason is shown in the following paragraphs. In any case, the information provided is useful to have a clearer picture on the past of the former Superintendent of the American Cemetery in Florence. In fact, they show that the eyewitness who at the Monster trial in Florence was dismissed as a friendly bonaccione who took care of coffins and meadows, was at the time of the Monster of Florence not only the person closest to a crime scene of all the people involved. in the investigation, but also the most competent to implement the criminal acts charged to the serial killer never definitively convicted by Italian Justice.

The documents confirm that Bevilacqua was a former US Army non-commissioned officer, a former CID detective and a chemistry expert in the military sector (Zodiac should have this expertise to provide the details of his bomb). In the enviable curriculum of Bevilacqua there are also few lines on his presence in Vietnam, where he fought in the front line in 1968 (as they say both him and the document).
For his military skills and detective experiences, the profile of Bevilacqua fits perfectly with that of the Monster of Florence, made in the 80s, before the investigations led to the incrimination of the so-called “Compagni di Merende”.
Bevilacqua lived 300 meters far from the last double murder of the Monster when it occurred. In the 1994, he told the Court in the Monster trial of having had seen the last official victims of the mass murder few hours before they died on september 1985.

Military records says Joe Bevilacqua joined the army in 1954, as he told me in the 2017.
Bevilacqua spent his second decade in the Army as a CID agent of the Military Police, but his records doesn’t say the whole truth.
In the 1956 Joe was in Germany. He returned in Europe eight years later.
He was reported for duty in Italy, Livorno, on 30th May 1963. One year later he started his training period as Assistant CID – says the page. He was under the direction of the chief of the 5th MP CID, Robert J. Colombo – Joe told me.
In the end of the 1965 Joe became a CID agent – said the page. After that, the records stop to talk about the real job of Joe in the Military Police. Why? Because Joe, since the 1965 became a CID agent under cover.

Joe Bevilacqua Military Records Zodiac

For his military records, it seems in the 1966 Joe stopped of being a CID.
On 4th August 1966 Joe was enroute to the USA. In September he began to work as a “mess steward”. In December he became a “club steward”.
Did Joe leave the MP and the offices of the CID for starting a new military career in the club managment? Of course not.
Luckily at the end of his career, it seems that for the CID it was not necessary hide the fact that Joe was of their agent. Moreover, in Livorno (Italy), in the 1973 Joe was the chief of a multi-national platoon of the MP, both Italian and American, so it doesn’t seem he left the CID.
The explanation of the apparently weird career of Joe is that he was effectively a CID undercover, as Joe told me in the summer 2017.
Joe’s real job in the Army, on the 4th August 1966, when he was “en route” to the USA – according to his military records – was not obviously the “steward”, but – as he told me – a CID agent under cover.
Joe’s task was having “direct contacts” with the exponents of the “Khaki Mafia”, a criminal organization composed of several NCOs which managed the major part of the military clubs of the US Army all around the world.
This is the reason why in his records appears he was a “club steward”.

The Khaki Mafia


Source: The document of the Senate Comittee on Government Operations

Joe had already said to me he investigated the “Khaki Mafia” in the ’60s. “I am also in the book that talk about it, but I have another name” he told me. The book’s name is just “The Khaki Mafia”, written by Robin Moore and June Collins.
The “Khaki Mafia” was a criminal organization of NCOs. Their components were condemned in the early ’70s for having been managed several military clubs with a system of fraud and corruption.
When in the 1966, the 31 years old and CID agent Joe Bevilacqua was reported as a “club steward” in the USA, the investigations on the Khaki Mafia had been already started in Europe.
Like the Zodiac case, the Khaki Mafia scandal broke in the 1969, when the Congress opened a public enquiry against several NCOs and the head of the organization, the first Sergeant Major of the Army, William O. Woolridge, charged with corruption, fraud and several illegal activities.
The Senate Committee on Government Operations in October 1969 says the first detectives in charge of the investigations on the Khaki Mafia were CID agents of the MP based on the West Germany, just where there was the Headquarters of USAREUR.

For his military records, Joe was en route to the USA on 4th August 1966. He was in the USA between 6th September 1966 and 6th September 1967, the document says.
Joe told me that in the 1966 he was in Riverside, California. So, according to Joe, in his “steward-period” he was in Riverside investigating on the Khaki mafia, even if the page says he was in New Jersey.
Since January 1967 Joe worked maybe as a steward in some military club/mess in the Riverside area, where the Air base “Alessandro” is located.
In the 1969 – the acts of Congress says – 20 CID agents all around the world were investigating on the Khaki Mafia.
When the Vietnam War began, the Khaki Mafia moved to the USA West Coast and Asia, following its interest and followed by the CID detectives as Joe.
The centre of the criminal organization at the time of the Vietnam War was the Maradem LTD office located in Los Angeles, California. It was not far from Riverside, where Zodiac committed the first of those he claimed as his crimes.
Joe didn’t tell what he was doing in Riverside in the 1966-67. Probably he worked as steward in some club managed by the Khaki Mafia, as CID agent under cover. His mission for the CID, at the time, was having “direct contacts” with the persons involved in the case.
When in the 1969 the Club scandal broke, Joe – told me – he was in Santa Rosa, Napa Valley. “But – he told me – I was formerly working in the East Coast”.

Joe Bevilacqua Awards

Especially from the 1969 to the 1972, the page contains informations not compatible with the job of Joe and with what he told me, not only with the Zodiac Killer murders.
As Joe told me, his military records doesn’t say nothing about his “under cover” period of 16 months in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Only few persons of the CID – he told me – could know he was in California (Santa Rosa – Tahoe) in the years 1969/1970, where he investigated on the Khaki Mafia.
In that period, the headquarter of the CID should be Presidio Heights, San Francisco (as it was also in the 1977), but according to the document Bevilacqua was working in the East Cost, at Ft. Monroe, Virginia – as Joe told me.

Joe has a Vietnam Service medal W/4 (4 campaigns) and according to his words and his pictures Joe was in Vietnam with the 27th Infantry division. In Vietnam, Cu Chi, he worked also for the CID.
His military records says he was in Vietnam for sure from February to October 1968.
Joe was enroute to the USA in the February 1969. This doesn’t imply that he was not in December 1968 in San Francisco, where there was the Headquarter of the Sixth Army. Joe told me he worked for the CID in Vietnam, in the while he was in the Infantry. It’s possible that he returned to San Francisco in December 1968 to report the Kaki Mafia actvities in the Cu Chi base. If it’s true, the USACIDC could have some files on his movements.
There are at least three contradictions on the dates of the Vietnam period.

Joe Bevilacqua George Bush Sr

Joe told me – like his military records – he was in Vietnam in the 1968, but for one other source –Wolfhounds Alumni – Joe was in Vietnam in the 1969–70 and not in the 1968.
Then, the 5th MP Detachment for which Joe was working was activated in Vietnam only one year later, in the period 8th March 1971 – 15th August 1972, that it’s compatible with the absence of the Zodiac killer.
What is the truth?
On the basis of his awards, Joe participated to 4 military campaigns in the Vietnam War. If it’s true, Joe may be in Vietnam from February to November 1968 or between March 1971 and March 1972. But he couldn’t be in 1969–70, as the Wolfhounds alumni says. For this military records in the 1971-1972 Joe was in the 8th Log Comd USAREUR, and he should work for the CID on the Khaki Mafia. But where?

The Joe’s military records end in December 1973. Where did he go in his 6 months in the army? According to Joe and this page, in the 1973 he was in Livorno. But there are no dates or indications from January to June 1974.
Joe told me he returned in USA before joining the American Battle Monuments Commission and starting to work on 1st July 1974 at the American Cemetery of Florence.

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