The following is a summary of the Joe Bevilacqua’s admissions on his responsibility in 21 cases of murder both in the United States of America and in Italy.

The number of victims of Joe Bevilacqua is certainly far from the reality. There are more.

The Carabinieri were informed about the Bevilacqua’s admissions on 22th February 2018. The FBI office at the American Embassy of Rome have been informed since the last year.





I am a freelance journalist. In the beginning of the 2017 I started a journalistic investigation on a case of serial murders in which 14 people were killed, between the 14th September 1974 and the 8th September 1985, in the province of Florence. They were seven couples shot to death in lover’s lanes in the vicinity of Florence.

The serial murders of Florence were attributed to a serial killer who was dubbed by the media “the Monster of Florence”. Since the 1974 to nowdays, nobody has ever been definitively convicted as the Monster.

In the end of the 90’s, two persons, Giancarlo Lotti and Mario Vanni, were condemned as “accomplices” of an alleged executor of the murders, the farmer Pietro Pacciani, who was acquitted by the Court of Appeal and died before a new trial.

According to the conclusions of my journalistic inquiry, the investigation that led to the condemnation accomplices of the Monster of Florence is based on false testimonies, including the deposition of the American citizen, Giuseppe Bevilacqua, called Joe.

The conclusion of my journalistic investigation attributes the serial murders of Florence (1974 – 1985) to the American serial killer known as the Zodiac Killer, who is precisely the former superintendent of the American monumental cemetery of Florence, Joe Bevilacqua, who lived in the cemetery complex since July 1974, few months before the first official double murder of the mass murder in Italy, few months after the last official letter sent by the other one in the United States of America.

The document of the US agency Abmc testifies the presence of Bevilacqua in the Florence vicinity between the 1974 and 1989

Zodiac is the Monster of Florence

At the end of the journalistic investigation on Bevilacqua, I think I have the reasonable certainty the murders of the Monster are to be attributed to a single serial killer known in the United States as Zodiac. The Zodiac Killer is the author of at least 5 murders in California, but he claimed many others in the dozens of letters he sent to the press. Through the solution of the codes of some letters sent by the Zodiac Killer, I discovered the identity of the mass murder responds to the one of Giuseppe Bevilacqua, a witness who had testified against Pietro Pacciani in the Monster trial, on 6th June 1994.

The similarities between the two cases of serial murders

I started to think to Zodiac thanks to an intuition: checking in other countries some case similar to the ones occurred in Florence. I got to the Zodiac Killer and I discovered similarities significant between him and the Monster. The similarities between the two killers range from the modus operandi to the typology of the victims, from the desire of celebrity to the pleasure of the challenge with the investigators.

There are other examples: the only letter certainly sent by the Monster contains in a four lines several typical elements of the writings of the Zodiac Killer: the use of the hyphen; a mispelling (republica).

Giuseppe Joe Bevilacqua

The journalistic investigation led to the individuation, starting in February, of Joe Bevilacqua.

The analysis of serial killings, their comparison, the experts I interviewed and theirs analysis confirmed my hypothesis. If for many reasons it was possible that the serial killer of Florence was Zodiac, for many other reasons it was possible that Zodiac was the Director of the Cemetery of Falciani, Joe Bevilacqua. First of all it was Italian-American, a fundamental requirement for being both the serial killers. Then, he arrived in Italy in July 1974 (he had been already in Italy two years in the ’60s). Moreover, his date of birth, 20th December, corresponded to the date of one Zodiac crime and was linked to a letter sent by Zodiac to the American lawyer Melvin Belli (Zodiac had even telephoned at the end of December 1969 to say that it was the day of his birthday – reported on 14th January 1970 the SFPD to the FBI); the number of characters of his name and surname correspond to the ciphers written by Zodiac that should contain them. So, in theory, Bevilaqua could be both the killers.

For those reasons, Bevilacqua’s name turned out to be the main object of my journalistic investigation. Later I discovered Bevilacqua has a career of 20 years in the US Army, he is a former CID detective for the American Military Police, a war veteran in Vietnam. When he left the Army, Bevilacqua became an officer of the ABMC, the American agency in charge of managing the American monumental cemetery complexes of the two world wars. From July 1974, Bevilacqua began to work as vice-superintendent at the American Cemetery of Florence, on the Cassia Road, in Impruneta.

Bevilacqua is visibly worried

I met Bevilacqua, the first time, in May 2017. I called at the phone and had asked him an interview on the Vietnam War. He agreed. But when I arrived at his home, he looked frightened on the balcony and asked me several times why I had come to him: “Why are you here?”. I had written to him, and I had repeated it on the phone. I wanted to hear him about the Vietnam War. His concern was unusual. He also worried the day later, despite we had talked about Vietnam for real.

Few weeks later I went back to Bevilacqua’s home and I proposed myself to him as a ghostwriter. The work would had offered me the opportunity to know him better. I saw him several times during the summer. And each time we talked for hours.

I discovered Bevilacqua led an infantry platoon during the war. They fougnt close to the Cambodian jungle. It was the 1968. Bevilacqua was also an agent of the Criminal Investigation Division of the MP and later the chief of the investigative team at the Nato base of Camp Darby. He wasn’t just a “guardian of cemeteries”, as appeared in his deposition against Pacciani, dated 6th June 1994.

The first conversation on the Monster

In the summer 2017, I went to Florence for talking with Bevilacqua several times. The meetings took place always at Bevilacqua’s home, except one time, on 28th July 2017, when we went for my request at Falciani, where we visited the American Cemetery.

After the visit we headed to the Marconi Bar in Falciani. It was outside that place, in front of a beer, that I asked him questions about the Zodiac Killer and the Monster for the first time.

Whitout notice I took a sheet from the folder and showed it to him. It was a simple map of the Lake Tahoe (California, USA). I asked Bevilacqua if he was there in 1970.

He froze.

He almost literally paralyzed. Only after a long silence, interrupted by the monotonous repetition of my question, said “I understood”.

Bevilacqua he had been on Lake Tahoe in the 1970. He added that he couldn’t talk about it. I asked him why. And he replied: “I cann’t talk about my job”.The question was important because Zodiac in the 1970 in South Lake Thaoe kidnapped and made a woman, Donna Lass, disappeared. The silence of Bevilacqua seemed significant to me.

Heavenly Valley

Still on that occasion, I asked Bevilacqua where he would hide a body in the Lake Tahoe area if he had been a serial killer. I gave him a pen. He thought for a moment. He looked to the North of the lake. He said that the best way would be to use a helicopter and throw the body on the peak of a mountain. Then he made a mark on Emerald Bay. At one point, he said smiling: “No, I would hide the body here”. He pointed to Heavenly Valley. I asked him the reason of his choice. He said: “Because Heaven means Paradise”.

At the time I had not yet shown to Bevilacqua the Halloween Card, in which Zodiac, in the aftermath of the disappearance of Donna in South Lake Tahoe, wrote in large letters: “Paradice of slaves”. I didn’t yet know Zodiac had applied on the envelope of the card a stamp with the words: “In the beginning God …”. The sentence goes on like this: “… created the Heavens”. At the beginning God created the Heavens.

“I was in California”

When we were at Bar Marconi, on 28th July, Bevilacqua told me what he had omitted in the previous meetings. He told me he was in California in the 1969 and in the 1966. In the same places and in the same years of the Zodiac Killer. The anomalous fact was that he had not said nothing about this period before, even if I was his ghostwriter and that I had not talked about Zodiac. Bevilacqua told me in the 1966 he was in Riverside. To my question he answered: “Riverside, California? Yes”. He repeated the he was there in the 1966 three times. In the 1969 he was in Santa Rosa, where he worked for the CID in a military base in the south of the city.

That day I asked Bevilaqua if he knew the lawyer Melvin Belli. I pronounced the surname in Italian, that is in the wrong pronunciation, but he understood immediately who I was referring to. Yes, he knew perfectly who Belli was.

“Do you want to break the balls to the Monster?”

Regarding the events related to the Monster of Florence, Bevilacqua told me he knew Pietro Pacciani well. He had met him several times in the forest behind the cemetery. Bevilacqua also knew Mario Vanni and Giancarlo Lotti, who called “the worst of all”. In any case, he never adopted the term “Monster” for any of them, but the word “pig”, below which it was, in a vertex of perversity descending, the word “porcello” followed by the word “porcellino”. Hearing him talking like that or mispelling the surname of a suspect, Giampiero Vigilanti, who Bevilacqua continued to call Raggianti, I couldn’t not think to the language of Zodiac in his letters. They use the same type of sarcasm. At one point of the conversation, Bevilacqua became annoyed.”Do you want to break the balls to the Monster?” He asked me. I told him “not”, I certainly did not want to break the balls to the Monster. But the Carabinieri were investigating. “Must be careful…” I observed. “You’re right” he replied. Then he asked me: “Do you think they will come to break my balls?”. “I think so” I answered. “I think so too” Bevilacqua said.

The book

In a meeting in August, I submitted to Bevilacqua some documents and two books, including “Zodiac”, the Robert Graysmith’s book on the serial killer published in the 1986. Bevilacqua watching at the cover said, “This is not his true name”. He referred to the author, who, in effectively, changed his last name. Reading the book, Bevilacqua also said: “I think I have already read it”. Then he complained the writers whose for business “rewrite the same book ten times”. In fact, Graysmith has always talked about Zodiac in almost all his books. It was strange that a person who said he didn’t know anything about Zodiac knew those details on the author of the first bestseller in him (released in January 1986). Even more strange was to see Bevilacqua sigh at the reading of the name of the detective Dave Toschi. He knew him.

The receipts discovered in the crime scene of Scopeti

The official last double murder of the Monster happened 1000 ft far away the American Cemetery, where Bevilacqua lived at the time of the murders. One time I showed to Bevilacqua the photocopies of some pages of the book “Delitto degli Scopeti”, a book on this murder, written by the lawyer Vieri Adriani, the writer Francesco Cappelletti and the professor Salvatore Maugeri. Bevilacqua’s deposition in the 1994 was just concerning this double murder occurred in September 1985. When I talked to him about some receipts discovered in the cars of the last two victims, watching the places where the victims had been before dieing, Bevilacqua exclaimed without surprise: “These are all places I go.” In particular, was Bevilacqua’s habit to frequent “La Terrazza” in Tirrenia, which printed the second most recent receipt dates back to those found in the victims’ car in a pitch of Via degli Scopeti, in Falciani.

“They will kill Vanni”

One day I showed to Bevilacqua also the conversation in which Mario Vanni spoke of an American monster met by Pacciani in a wood. It’s a record of a conversation occured in the 2003. Vanni said Pacciani had told him he had met the real serial killer in a wood. The Monster, said Vanni, is an American citizen. He’s called Ulysses, Nero. After reading those words, Bevilacqua got very angry. “I think they will kill him,” he said. “They will kill who?” I asked. “Vanni”. I did not tell him Vanni was already dead. I explained the detectives had thought Vanni had talked about Mario Parker, a tenant of Villa La Sfacciata. So Bevilacqua became quiet and at the end of the conversation thanked me.

Bevilacqua admitted of being the serial killer

On 11th September 2017, I was in Monza. I called Bevilacqua to the number of his house in order to submit to him the solution of a Zodiac code, in which the murderer had entered his name and surname. It’s the letter of the 20th April 1970. During the phone call Bevilacqua admitted of being the serial killer. I told him: “Joe, there’s your first and last name on the Zodiac letter of April 20, 1970. Now I’ll read the answer.” I read it. Joe replied: “they knew …”, he was scared. More than me, he knew the solution was right, also because he suggested ti me the way to lead the solution (look at the line under the cipher). Who knew? “D’Addario knew it, Colombo, because they …”. Because they were his fellows in the CID and then they should suspect he was Zodiac? I asked him to go to the Police.

Bevilacqua seems to turn himself in, but he changes his mind

Bevilacqua knew that I had identified the author of the serial murders in the province of Florence in Zodiac, and he also spoke about it in that phone call. On that occasion he said that it was impossible to prove that Zodiac was the author of the crimes in Florence. I replied that as soon as the Carabinieri knew Zodiac lived 300 meters far away the last crime scene of the “Monster”, certainly they wouldn’t take very long to link him to the Monster.

I suggested Bevilaqua to go to a priest, but he reminded me an anecdote on a Baptist priest with whom he had spoken in the past, who had accused him of being the “devil incarnated”. Then he added, “Yes, but that was another matter.” I suggested Bevilacqua to turn himself in to the italian Authority. He replied he hadn’t already done beacuse he “to not get others in trouble”. He repeated this sentence more than once. He didn’t do it “for the others”. He listened to me when he asked me, “What should I bring with me?”.

If Bevilacqua wanted for real to go to the Police and surrender, he changed his mind after my suggestion to hear a lawyer.
On 13th September 2017 I had arrived in Florence in the night in order to accompany him to the Carabinieri. But we argued in a phone call. He retracted his statements. Since that day I have not talked with him again. After the argument, I went back to home. I had to change my plans.

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