On 19th March 2019, I had a meeting with the Chief Prosecutor of Florence, Giuseppe Creazzo, and Luca Turco, the Prosecutor in charge of the investigation on the Monster of Florence (1974 – 1985).
For those of you who don not know, nobody has been found guilty for the killings of the Monster of Florence, with the exception of Stefano Mele, in the 1968 case, that is linked to the others cases because it was apparently used the same gun.
The serial killer of Florence (a case unique in Italy) began to kill since 14th september 1974, at Borgo San Lorenzo, just four, maybe three, months after Zodiac disappearence. After having killed 7 couples in 11 years, in 1985, when Robert Graysmith had not yet published his first book, in Italy the Monster sent a letter to the italian prosecutor Silvia Della Monica. He used the typical mistakes of the Zodiac killer and also the same type of glue (airplane cement).
In the ’90s an Italian court condemned two persons, a postman and a workman illiterate, without any evidences, on charge of being assistants of a suspect, the farmer Pietro Pacciani. Pacciani had been found finally innocent but the appeal of his trial was going to be redone when he died.
In the 2017 I charged a man, Joe Bevilacqua, a witness in the Monster Trial (1994). Joe is a former CID agent and a Vietnam War Veteran. He came in Italy in july 1974 and he lived and worked for almost 20 years to the Florence American Cemetery, 300 meters far from the last murder of the Monster. He admitted to me his responsability in the Monster of Florence and Zodiac case both, in september 2017.
Even if the Police might investigate Bevilacqua, the Florence Prosecutor office don’t want to get involved on it. For 30 years the Procura della Repubblica said the murders were others. Moreover, on 6th June 1994, the Florence Chief Prosecutor at the time, Pier Luigi Vigna, and the PM Paolo Canessa (who is actually the Pistoia Chief Prosecutor) led Bevilacqua to testify at the Monster Trial against the wrong person.
For the italian Authorities, investigating Bevilacqua means taking the responsability to say that they were not only wrong, but that the serial killer made fool of them.
Follows my letter to the prosecutors, where I quoted a recent discover of Haley25 and Tom Voigt on zodiackiller.com.
9 March 2019
To the Procuratore della Repubblica, Giuseppe Creazzo
To the Procuratore Aggiunto Luca Turco
In the context of my compliant to Giuseppe Bevilacqua (1st March 2018), I delivered a document dated 22 February 2018 to the Carabinieri of Monza, where I cite an episode appened on 9th August 2017, which a recent discover confirmes its importance.
On that day of the 2017 summer, was the last meeting with Giuseppe Bevilacqua in his home in Sesto Fiorentino in Via Risorgimento 148 and I had brought the book “Zodiac” written by Robert Graysmith.
Joe and me had already talked about the serial killer, the previous time. My intention was to give him the book and see what would happen. At home, there was also the Bevilacqua’s wife, Maria, and a Sicilian bricklayer who is renovating the salon.
We were talking on two chairs on the terrace of his house. When I gave him the book, Bevilacqua smiled. He began a leaf through it, saying it seemed to him that he had already read it: “Some people always writes the same book.” “Business,” he added, rubbing his fingers.
Bevilacqua, after quickly browsing, stopped in chapter 5 and started reading. The text was in English, so he translated it. He was visibly amused. The text is based on the episode of the close encounter between the Zodiac serial killer and two SFPD policemen. It happened on the night of October 11, 1969, in a street in Presidio Heights, San Francisco, a few minutes after the murder of taxi driver Paul Stine.
At the end of the reading, Bevilacqua explained to me laughingly: “He didn’t kill them because they were too stupid.”
A discovery of a user of the zodiackillersite.com site, Haley25, supported by the expert Tom Voigt, is currently being examined by the FBI shows that just the content quoted by Bevliacqua, reading the book Zodiac “for the first time”, is the solution of the Z340 cipher (8th November 1969), the most famous encrypted message of the american serial killer.
The solution of the Zodiac most famous and apparently unsolvable cipher, which consists of 340 symbols, would be very simple and was disseminated by Voigt on the American social network Reddit on 16th February 2019. The text of the solution is the story written by Zodiac of the episode Bevilacqua had translated to me and which I had already reported to the Carabinieri a year before the discovery. Here is the original text of the “solution”:
Bevilacqua, opening a book composed of hundreds of pages “for the first time”, focused precisely on the ten lines contain an episode underlined by Zodiac, wich is the solution of one of his encrypted messages that no one was able to decrypt for fifty years, before Haley25.
This a simply confirmation of what has already been reported in the document of the 22th February 2018 regarding the contribution of Bevilacqua in deciphering the messages of Zodiac.
It really seems excessively cautious to consider this fact as the umpteenth coincidence related to the American witness of the Pacciani Trial who, on June 6, 1994, in front of a courtplaced himself on the crime scene of the Monster few hours before the double murder.
The episode translated by Bevilacqua contained in the Graysmith book was divulged by Zodiac in a letter sent on November 9, 1969 to the San Francisco Chronicle. The serial killer, a month after the murder of Paul Stine, told of having met two policemen shortly after the crime. He did it in a Post Scriptum underlined with the words: “Must be print in paper” .
The previous day, November 8, 1969, Zodiac sent another letter to the San Francisco Chronicle containing the cipher Z340. He had never sent two envelopes on such close days. Why did he do it? The reason is part of the solution.
It took 50 years before anyone, Haley25, realized that the underlined text of the PS in the letter of the 9th November and the cipher sent the day before were both composed of 340 characters.
There can be no doubt that this is really the solution. To confirm this, Zodiac, in both texts, put his fingers on 5 characters starting from line number 6. Note the two semicircles on the papers left by the Police (Edit: on the original letter I wrote the author was Zodiac).
Since we were on the subject, after reading the text about the two policemen tricked by Zodiac, I asked Bevilacqua what he thought of the investigators who (he) had investigated him. When he talked about the SFPD Detective Dave Toschi he sighed: “He was like Columbus”.
I took the opportunity of asking him about the only Italian investigator the Monster had openly challenged, the Prosecutor Silvia Della Monica: “Was she a good detective?” I asked. Bevilaqua surprised, shook his head and looked at me as he wanted to say “Is that a real question?”. Then he grimaced: “Della Monica? Come on!”.
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Francesco Amicone
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