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2018, MARCH 1 – Complaint for murder against Joe Bevilacqua

Complaint translation PDF

Differently from what I said here, the “admission call” was made on September 12, 2017, not 11.

2018, MAY 30 – Questioning of Bevilacqua by the Carabinieri

Questioning translation PDF

As proven by Bevilacqua’s bio records and his witnessy at the Pacciani Trial, there are some mistakes and contradictions in his statements to the Carabinieri in 2018. Why were the detectives not able to see them?

2021, APRIL 6 – Dismissal of murder charges against Bevilacqua

The charges were dismissed by examining judge Gianluca Mancuso on request by Florence assistant District Attorney Luca Turco.
Prosecutor Turco’s motivation for dismissal says that there was “no factual element that has the dignity of a clue” indicating that Bevilacqua could be a suspect in the Monster of Florence case. However, for four years and a half, Turco and the Carabinieri has not even made contact with the US authorities to ask for information on Bevilacqua’s past.

2022, NOVEMBER 3 – Indictment for defamation of Bevilacqua (by Turco and Mancuso)

Most of the text of this “commital-for-trial-decree” is copied and pasted from the indictment request by the prosecutor.
As in Italy there is no such thing as separation between judges and prosecutors, the probable cause hearing often represents just a superflue expense for taxpayers.
Both the request by Turco and the decree by Mancuso read that journalist Francesco Amicone, “in the commission of the same criminal scheme, offended Joseph Bevilacqua’s reputation indicating him as the perpatrator of the homicides committed by the s.c. (so called TN) ‘Monster of Florence’ and of the murders (happened in the United States) by the s.c. ‘Zodiac’.” A list of 32 newspapers articles about the Zodiac-Monster connection written by me and other reporters is quoted as evidence of the crime.

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