Joe Bevilacqua’s military records

Thanks to Fosforo for reporting that Bevilacqua’s autobiography in “25th Infantry Tropic Lighting 50th Anniversary”, Turner, 1993. The U.S. Marine Corps sent Joe Bevilacqua back after one month of training, according to his official records
Joe Bevilacqua military records FOIA (1)
Joe Bevilacqua military records FOIA (3)a

With the exception of years ’64 and ’65, in Leghorn (Italy) and Augsburg (Germany), this record of assignments does not contain references to Joe’s main duty in the second decade of his service in the Army, that is criminal investigator of the Criminal Investigation Division. The reason why records releasable to the public do not mention this information is because of his undercover assignments, according to him. Joe was charged with an undercover investigation, at the 25th Infantry Division Academy, which was in Hawaii, also during his tour of duty in Vietnam.
It’s observable that in 1969 and 1970 Joe was formerly assigned as Operation/Intelligence Specialist to two major command in the continental USA and Europe.

Continental Army Command chart
Source: U.S. Government Press Office, Senate Committee on Armed Services – 1972

The Continental Army Command (CONARC) was the central command of all the US continental Armies except Alaska, including the 6th Army at the Presidio of San Francisco, while the 7th Army headquarters were in Heidelberg, near Frankfurt, Germany.
Joe stayed in California for a CID inquiry in 1969 and 1970. At the time of his European assignment, in 1970, the investigation linked to a Californian firm on which he was investigating was still ongoing in Germany. Daily Pan Am flights connected Frankfurt to San Francisco via London, at the time.
In the last days of December 1968, Joe could reach San Francisco from Saigon on a special leave by exploiting several awards that he had won in the field and his 7 days of Rest & Recuperation.

Joe Bevilacqua Silver Star (1)
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