Follows the full solution of the code concerning the identity of the Zodiac Killer.


Between 1969 and 1974, the Zodiac Killer mailed 19 signed letters to newspapers, most of the time to the San Francisco Chronicle. In four of those letters (A, B, C, D) the mass murder wrote he put his name (A), a clue to find it (B), his signature (C), his identity (D).

The letters are:
A) My name is letter – 20th April 1970
B) Halloween Card – 27th October 1970
C) Exorcist letter – 24th January 1974

D) SF Chronicle, Z408 part III, Harden’s solution – 31th July 1969

The solution can be found with a linear system equation applied, by analogy, to the letters that explicitly lead to the name or the identity of Zodiac.

Zodiac knew how to build ciphers following rules that a common person is able to recognize, as demonstrated by the Harden’s solution of the Z408.
If Zodiac didn’t lie – and he didn’t, on his murders and on his first cipher – there is a solution for all the riddles/ciphers/puzzle games contained in the letters ABCD, which leads to discover the identity of the author.

The key of the solution A and the way to find solution B were suggested by a man with same name found in the solutions (130).

Solution A. Name of Zodiac (My name is – letter): Joe Bevilacqua (60)
Solution B. Game, Gioco del cucù (77); Clue, ACQUA (Italian translation of water) / letter Q (109/78); Symbol, Jay (95); Signature, “By water” (101); Giuseppe Bevilacqua’s letters (122).
Solution C. Zodiac last signature: Bevilacqua (“drink the water” in italian) (72)
Solution D. Identity of Zodiac (Z408): Bevilacqua Giuseppe (66)
Other: probable Italian speaking (57, 59, 109), a link to a Criminal Investigation Division / Department (81)

1 The killer signed his last letter (24th January 1974. Exorcist – letter) with a quote of a drowning from the opera Mikado of Arthur Sullivan ad W.S. Gilbert.
2 The killer’s name is 13 symbols long (20th April 1970, My name is – letter).
– Harden’s solution
3 The name of the killer is not his identity (31st July 1969, SF Chronicle letter – Harden’s solution).
4 The killer’s identity should be 18 symbols long and it’s not the “name” of Zodiac.
– Tahoe27’s discover – zodiackillersite.com
5 The killer copied part of the comic’s cover of Tim Holt Lady Doom and Death Wheel in the back of the Halloween Card (27th October 1969, Paul Avery).

Data from the Halloween Card solution (67 – 111)

6 The killer is probably an Italian speaking, maybe he has Italian origin.
7 In his name of 13 characters (= symbols) there is a Q and probably the word ACQUA.
8 Maybe there is a B.
9 One of the initials of Zodiac is J; the another one may be represented by the Celtic cross.
– “By water” solution
10 The signature of Zodiac is “By water”. His name may be linked to “water” or, in Italian, “acqua”.

Internet (or encyclopedia, white pages and a good knowledge of American/Italian cultures, languages)
English vocabulary
Latin and Italian dictionaries

Basic Puzzle games knowledge
Basic general knowledge
Sufficient knowledge on classic literature

Zodiac has an Italian name (6) that contains a Q (7), and one of his names or surnames which start with J (9). Names and/or surnames of Zodiac are 13 characters long (2).
The name of Zodiac is not the same of the 408 last symbols solution (3) but it’s compatible with an identity 18 characters long (4).




Those 13 symbols might be a cipher based on one, two, three… substition ciphers. Nobody would be able to find the solution, if that’s all this was and. The most important thing: Zodiac wuldn’t be able to demonstrate that there is only his name hidden in his letters. Neither to himself nor to others.
If this cryptic line was just a cipher, there might be thousands of equivalent solutions. So? Zodiac might have used a different method to encrypt his name. In this case, the cryptic line would be only one part of the “cipher”. The cryptic line may be part of a puzzle game like a rebus, for example. In respect to the rules of his own game, Zodiac had to put clues for solving it.

In the letter A there are two visible mistakes, which may be clues: the word CID instead of KID and the word CEROUS instead of CURIOUS. On the base of his English knowledge, it’s obvious that Zodiac knew how those words have to be written. Why did he write “cerous” and “cid”? What do they mean?


According to a common English dictionary “a cid” – with the article – could mean only: a Criminal Investigation/Investigative Division/Department agent of an English-speaking country. Also for the Encyclopedia is the same.


In the English vocabulary “cerous” means something that contains cerium. In the Italian dictionary the translation of “cerous” is “ceroso”. The first meaning of ceroso is not the same of the English word, but “waxy” or “similar to wax”.


Ceroso comes from the Latin word “cerosus”. Cera is the Italian word of “wax”.


Possible clues:

CID agent; With cerium / Waxy – similar to wax



«Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.»

11 The method followed to find the name of Zodiac is based on the principle of the simpler solution – Occam Razor. In the end it’s possible verify if the application of the principle leads to a correct solution.


12 Starting from the letter A (the so called “My name is – cipher”). In the cryptic line there is a Celtic cross. It is one of the possible initials of Zodiac (9) and the fourth symbol of the cryptic line.

13 There are two initials, at least. So the line represents two names (and/or surnames) of Zodiac.

14 Also J is an initial of the name of Zodiac (9).

15 J is the first letter of the line (11).

16 There is no a common name or surname of three letters and starting with J with a Q inside (7), neither in Italian nor in English (sources 17 and 39).

17 The word ACQUA or the letter Q should be part of the second part of the “cipher”.

18 The cryptic line doesn’t seem composed using only one method of “encryption”, but at least two.


19 The words AEN and NAM, at the start and end of the line, are both composed of three Latin letters.

20 Between AEN and NAM, there are the letters K, M and other symbols. One of them seems to be Brahmi, a language “present in south and central Asia from the mid-1st Millenium BCE” (Wikipedia).


21 The adjective “cerous”, which may be a clue (General View), is under 3 symbols (one is the Brahmi Y).


22 If “cerous” is a clue, should be linked to the 8th, 9th, 10th, letters of the name of Zodiac (11).

23 Applying the same method also to AEN and NAM, it’s evident they are also positioned over two independent parts of the sentence below: subject – verb / preposition. The cryptic line, at the end, might be divided in four parts.


24 It may be a sort of rebus (one or more), a puzzle game very popular in Italy, thanks to weekly publications like La Settimana Enigmistica. Some examples in English here: https://kids.niehs.nih.gov/games/brainteasers/rebus-puzzles/index.htm.

25 If it is a rebus or a similar puzzle game (24) the name of Zodiac doesn’t come by replacing the symbols with the letters, but from the links between his name, the symbols and – maybe – the sentence below (23).




26 It’s possible verify that, whether the presence of the letter Q or the word ACQUA in the name of Zodiac, the solution doesn’t change. In both cases, the simplest solution (11) leads the same names (30).

27 There is not a common first male name of 10 letters with a Q (source 34).

28 The most common surnames of 10 letters with a Q, for this source, surnamedb.com, are: Desquesnes, Farquarson, Fonquernie, Jacquemard, Jaqueminet, Jeannequin, Le Marquand, Licquorish, MacQuarrie, McQuilliam, McQuorkell, Quaintance, Qualtrough, Quarterman, Quickenden, Quiddinton, Quillinane, Quittonden, Rosenqvist. The most italian common surnames of 10 letters with a Q are: Bevilacqua, Capodacqua, Cerquetani, Cinquemani, Di Pasquale, Dell’Aquila, D’Aquilante, Frenquelli, Franquelli, Lacquaniti, Laquintana, Pasqualone, Pasqualini, Pasquettin, Quaglietta, Quagliozzi, Quarchioni, Quaresmini, Quadraccia, Quattrucci, Quolibetti, Squarserio, Squerzanti, Tranquilli (http://italia.indettaglio.it/ita/cognomi/cognomi.html).

29 There are only two surnames in those lists of common surnames (the second one is based on the White Pages) that may be linked to the signatures of Zodiac (1, 10): Bevilacqua (drink the water) and Capodacqua (boss/head of water). They both contain the word ACQUA (water).


30 Bevilacqua and Capodacqua end with “QUA” both.


31 The word composed of the surname’s letters QUA and the line’s letters NAM is the Latin word “quanam”. To highlight the solution, QUA is “virtually” written over the cryptic line (37).
32 Quanam is the Latin translation of the preposition “as to how” (“in quale modo” in Italian), that is right below the word NAM. The link between NAM and “as to how” is a translation: Quanam = As to how.
NAM is not (or is not also) a cipher, but a clue in the context of a famous puzzle game.


Zodiac might used the Hangman Game to encrypt his name for the suggestion of The Waste Land of T.S. Eliot, as it seems he did also in the Halloween Card (I do not find The Hanged Man. Fear death by water” – see 102). On the other hand, the quote in the Halloween Card (beyond the letter postmarked 20th April 1970) could be just an allusion to the method to find his name.




33 Also the first three symbols of the crytic line belong to the Latin alphabet. If Zodiac used the same method to encrypt the final three letters to the first ones, it will be confirmed by a logical link between “I am” and “AEN” (23; 25). AEN has not to be replaced, even if they could be symbols of a substitution code (25). J may be positioned in the blank space left by Zodiac between the cryptic line and the sentence “My name is –“. The letters of his name, which starts with J, should be the missed letter of another Hangman Game (32).


34 There are only three common surname of three letters with a J: Jez (Polish, Czech), Jin (Chinese) and Joo (Hungarian). However, probably, the three symbols put by Zodiac in the cryptic line form  (11) one of the following 13 first names. Source: babynames1000.com.


35 What means AEN? In the Latin dictionaries “AEN.” is the common abbreviation of “Aeneid” or “Aeneas”. Aeneas and Aeneid are also the only two word of common use that starts with AEN according to the English vocabulary. Aeneas is the mythic ancestor of the Romans. So this part of the solution is compatible with the possible Italian origin of Zodiac supposed in the hypothesis (6).


36 To be logic AEN should mean (11) Aeneas and not Aeneid (My name is /I am – Aeneas). As it was done with QUA-NAM, one part of the word (the second one in this case) may be written over the cryptic line.


37 If the word AENAS had continued after the N, Zodiac couldn’t have had the possibility to continue his game with the other parts of his name (see the picture below).
The solution of AEN can’t be the word of six letters Aeneas, because there is a J in one of the three “ticks” Zodiac could use (15).


38 In the Italian dictionary, Aeneas is Enea. AEN and E form the word of four letter AENE, the word “Enea” written backwards.


39 Like in Aeneas and Aeneid, also in Aene the 4th letter is E. E cant’ be in the place of the Celtic cross. If not, the 3rd letter of the name of Zodiac would be missed (37).

40 There are only four common names of three letters that starts with J and contains a E: Jeb, Jep, Jed, Joe.


41 The E of Enea should be on 3rd position (34) to form the word AEN-E / E-NEA. There is only one common name of three letters that starts with J and end with E (34).


42 “Jo” can be considered in Italian an homophone variant (even if grammatically not correct) of the word “Io”, which is the Italian translation of “I”. In the Latin alphabet the grapheme J means Jay but also I lunga (like the Yodh – 89), which in the common speech sounds “I”, like Jesus or Jacopo.

43 It’s another Hangman Game. The hidden letters “JOE” of the sentence “I (Jo) am, Enea” are the name of Zodiac.

44 The name of Zodiac is Joe. It’s his first name or a diminutive of his first name, probably of Joseph.




45 The right surname between Bevilacqua and Capodacqua should be the first (11), not only because there is a B (8), or because it’s the most popular italian surname of 10 letters with a Q (source 28) and the most popular surname of 10 letters with the word ACQUA. And also because has a strong link with the meaning of the signatures of Zodiac (1, 10, 101). It’s possible check it.


46 The central part of the cryptic line are mostly composed of symbols that do not belong to the Latin alphabet (20). It won’t be possible to make an Hangman Game with those symbols similar to the ones have already been made previously, a part, maybe, with K and M.


47 It should be possible find an answer to the reason why the author included those symbols in the central part of the line (4th to 10th position), starting from the “virtual” substitution of the symbols with the letters compose the word “Bevilacqua”. The substitution of the B with the Celtic cross is already explained (8). It need explain the other ones.

48 Why did the author used K and M? Just search the word generated by this choice on the web.

49 The first result of the online research is the Wikipedia page of Bekim Fehmiu, a Serbian actor who played the role of Ulysses in the RAI movie “Odissey”, in the 1968. Like Aeneas, Ulysses is the main character of a myth. Ulysses is also the literary descendant of Phlebas the Phoenician (102) and, according to the postman Mario Vanni (see Wikipedia, Monster of Florence), one of the nicknames of the serial killer (Vanni said he was an American citizen) known as “the Monster of Florence”.


50 Zodiac used the symbol 08 for all the vowels of this part of the line: E, I, A (at point 59, a possible explanation of the use of this symbol). Zodiac inserted visibly a E and a I over the correct position of the E and the I of his possible surname, but there is only a line over the A.


51 The author seems to have used the I Brahmi also (not only, see 55) to indicate that the 9th letter of the line, between M and I, is both a vowel like E and I (50) and the same vowel that is between the M of “My” and the I of “I am”. The letter A of LAC.
It seems that Zodiac began to build the line just from LAC (see also 55, 59).

52 At the end of the explanations of all symbols used by Zodiac from the 4th to the 10th letter of his name, it’s possible to do the last replacements.


53 After the substitutions, the links can be only between the word BEVILAC and the words “mildly” and “cerous”. Following the rules of the Hangman Game (32) used to lead the solution of the first and the last three letters of the name of Zodiac, there should be two links between the words “Bevi – mildly” and “Lac – cerous” (23).


54 “Bevi”, which means “drink”, makes sense with “mildly”. “Drink mildly”. It may be an advice. But what does it mean “lac – cerous”? Is CEROUS the clue (General View), the final key used by Zodiac to demonstrate that Bevilacqua is just his correct surname?




55 The Lac is the resinous substance secreted by the Kerria Lac, an insect of the South East Asia.


The Lac is produced in the same geographic location where it was used the Brahmi alphabet to which belong the 9th symbol of the cryptic line, which appertain just to the word LAC (20). Lac is used to make the shellac.


The shellac is the first material used in the past to seal the letters, a method of communication like the one which Zodiac used to talk with journalists and readers of the San Francisco Chronicle.


56 The sealing wax is called in Italian “ceralacca”, which is composed of the words “cera” (wax) and “lacca”.


57 The adjective of the word “cera” (wax), contained in the word “cera-lacca”, is just ceroso (cerous). It means “waxy” (General View).


58 The link between CEROUS and LAC is the italian word CERA-LACCA = sealing wax. The sentence “ I am mildly waxy”, which makes no sense in itself, makes sense in the wordplay cerous – curious made by a man with the surname “Bevilacqua”. Zodiac is “waxy” because there is LAC in his surname.

59 The Italian word “lacca” (improperly used in Italian also for lac) in a rebus game in the Italian language can be also written with those symbols: LH. “L’ACCA” in Italian means “the letter Aitch”. Aitch is the eighth letter of the Latin alphabet. It’s possible that Zodiac, building his game just from the word LAC (see also 51 and 55), used the number “08” for the vowels in the central part of the cryptic line to give a clue on the presence of the Italian word “lacca” linked to “cerous” (58).


60 The puzzle game of Zodiac is composed of four independent parts. Each of the four parts of the name of Zodiac can be found following the rules of the Hangman Game, method of encryption suggested maybe by the reading of the poem The Waste Land of T.S. Eliot (32, 102).
The cryptic line and the line below must be used as clues in the context of the Hangman Game, which lead to find the name of Zodiac.
At the end of the game, the killer’s name turns out to be Joe Bevilacqua (A).




in this cipher there is

61 Zodiac wrote that in the Z408 there is his identity, but in the cipher solution discovered by the Hardens, Zodiac says he didn’t put his name in the cipher. If Zodiac didn’t lie (Premises) this affirmation can be only a clue to say that his name doesn’t correspond to his identity (4).

62 Joe is the diminutive of Joseph. But Zodiac didn’t use in the cipher neither Joe (3) nor Joseph Bevilacqua (4) as his own identity.

63 The solution already found says Zodiac has Italian origin. His identity could be written in Italian. The Italian translation of the name Joseph is Giuseppe (see 130). Giuseppe Bevilacqua is composed of 18 characters, the same number of the last symbols of the Z408 never deciphered (picture below).


The mass murder didn’t want make easier the job to decrypt the final part of his cipher of the 31st July 1969 (if not, they would be already cracked),  probably just because it contains for real his identity (even if not his name – whatever that means). Zodiac could use some simple tricks to be sure to have well hide it.


64 The name Giuseppe Bevilacqua could be hidden in the Z408 with an anagram. Without departing from the Harden’s solution, it’s easy to find eight letters of this name in those 18 final symbols; other seven can be find with a rotation of a supposed wheel maybe used by Zodiac to build his ciphers.
In the imagine above the letters were rotated instead of the symbols only to give an idea of the rotations from the point of view of the builder of the cipher.
Zodiac could also easy reverse the relation between letters and letters in the cipher, such as that between U and I.
The symbol H is one of the letters I, like in the Mt. Diablo cipher (26th June 1970).

65 The letter Q is not present before in the cipher, but the symbol for this letter can be one of the rotations of the Q; L might be the same symbol used for H (59).

66 It is possible that the last symbols of the Z408 contains the Italian surname and name Bevilacqua Giuseppe (D). That would be the “identity” of Zodiac.




The cuckoo is a bird that more or less in May starts to sing his beautiful song in the wood. “Cu-ckoo, Cu-ckoo” it sings. In the old English the cuckoo was called “cuccu”. There is, in Italy, a game that bears the name of this bird, and it sounds like the old English word used for the cuckoo: cucù. The game is called: “Il Gioco del cucù”.
Il Gioco del cucù is also the game that Zodiac didn’t want to “spoil” in the Halloween Card. It’s a wordplay based on the Italian version of Peekaboo.

When Zodiac sent the Halloween Card (October 1970) to the journalist of the San Francisco Chronicle, Paul Avery, he had still mailed the My name is letter few months before (20th April 1970).
In this card, almost completely drawn by Zodiac, the author wrote explicitly he wants help the search of his name (already contained in the previous letter of April) giving to them a clue (1).

67 “You ache to know my name, so I’ll clue you in…” wrote the Zodiac Killer on the first page of the Halloween Card. The clue has to be on one of the four pages of the card.

68 On the second and third page Zodiac wrote: “…But, then, why spoil my game!”. This sentence is at the same time the riddle and the clue to solve it.

69 The only game played for sure by Zodiac in the card is Peekaboo.

70 Zodiac drawn 12 eyes.

71 One eye (at the end they are 13) was already in the card. Zodiac ad to it a beak, in a sentence looks like Q (font type: Gill sans MT condensed).

72 The sentence around the bird Zodiac says: “Peek a boo, you are doomed”.


73 This drawing is a quote (see 84), but also a wordplay in Italian.

74 Peekaboo is known in Italy is called “il Gioco del cucù”, “the game of the cuckoo”, a bird known both for his song and for pushing the eggs of his adoptive brothers outside the nest (to survive).

75 What Zodiac drawn (71, 72) is a wordplay (73) based on the Italian pronunciation of the game he imagined to play with the readers (69); a game which in Italian bears the name from the bird cucù.

76 In Italian the letters CU are homophonic of the letter Q. Cucù in fact sounds QQ. There are no differences.


77 The solution of the riddle of Zodiac (68) is just the Italian version of Peekaboo (69).
The game that Zodiac didn’t want “to spoil” (69) is il Gioco del cucù, which, for homophony (75), can be called “The game of QQ”.
The solution is based on the words written by Zodiac (68, 72), on the presence of the bird and on the sentence looks like a Q around it (71), on the others 12 eyes he added to the drawing (70) and on the simple translation in Italian (74) of the only game he was playing (69). The homophony CU = Q for an Italian speaking is self-evident.

78 Zodiac built this English-Italian wordplay (77) to give to the readers explicitly a clue (67), which is that one of the 13 letters (70) of his name encrypted some months before (context) is a Q (76, 77).
Note: the Q flipped is the symbol most present in the cipher Z408 (31st July 1969).

79 Zodiac knew the Italian version of Peekaboo, a common game played with babies, and not among adults. The man who hide behind the mask of Zodiac linked also both the correct pronunciations in Italian of the letters CU and Q (which is contained in his name). He might have made this link when he was a kid, in a family where the Italian was spoken.

80 To build a link between the letter Q of his name and the Italian pronunciation of CU, the Q contained in the name of the man behind Zodiac should have an Italian pronunciation (11). The Italian pronunciation of Q is not the same pronunciation of the Q of Quebec, for example.

81 According to those premises (79, 80), it’s possible to say the name of Zodiac that contains a Q is probably an Italian name.




82 On page 1 Zodiac drawn a skeleton. It’s dancing and performing the ring gesture.

83 “The OK is commonly used by divers, it signifies “I am OK” or “Are you OK” when underwater” (see 69, 102). Source: en/wikipedia.com.


84 Zodiac drawn two red circles around the eye socket of the skeleton. He has one eye with a red pupil.


85 On the third page the skeleton is mimicking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and a letter J backwards.


86 The hands of the skeleton are mimicking the symbol’s tips right below it.

87 The symbol is composed of four dots that are exactly in the same position of the letters “IE” if they were Braille.


88 Holding the card with the forefinger on the four dots and seeing in the other page what the thumb indicates on the next page, it is possible to see the thumb indicates a space near the letter P.


89 The symbol is composed of one other grapheme. It may be composed of two characters, both Phoenician (for the possible reason of this choice see 102). One of the letters is turned, like the J mimicked by the skeleton. This symbol is just the ancestor of the J. It’s  the Yodh.


90 According to the order of the letters, both Braille and Phoenician, the symbol makes the word “GIEI”.

91 GIEI can be the italian spelling of the word GEI. It’s a wordplay: Gi + E + I.


92 Gei is the italian word of the letter Jay, already represented by Zodiac in two different ways (85, 89).

93 Jay is the tenth letter of the Latin Alphabet. Ten, in the Roman numerals, is represented by X. And there is a X on the envelope of the Halloween Card.


94 The symbol of Zodiac means just Jay (11). The ciphered J is positionated always close to the Z initial of Zodiac, which he never used before (and he didn’t use after) since he adopted the name Zodiac.


95 The reason behind the choice of including the initial of Zodiac this time, should be that the other symbols on the same plane are other initials. Jay is probably one of the initial of the name of Zodiac (11). The Celtic cross (symbol already present in the cryptic line of the My name is letter) could represent another initial.

96 The dance of the skeleton on page 1 seems to be the Twist (82). The two circles drawn around the eye sockets of the skeleton (84) might be reference to the sentence “and round and round” contained in “Let’s twist again” singed by Chubby Checker.

97 The reason of the quote on page 1 could be one of the thematic of the card. “Twisting” the legs of the skeleton on page 3, which is mimicking a Jay written backwards (85), for example, Zodiac suggested that it’s correct that in the symbol under the skeleton there is a Yodh (the ancestor of the Jay) written backwards (89).




98 On page 4 of the Halloween Card there is a quote from the cover of Tim Holt number 30: Lady Doom and the Death Wheel (5). The quote is enhanced on page 3, by the use of the Phoenician alphabet (102) and by the red mask drawn on face of the skeleton.


99 On page 4 of the Halloween Card, Zodiac copied all the deaths on the wheel drawn in the comic’s cover quoted, without using the word “death”. Zodiac copied all the deaths in the wheel (by Fire, Gun, Knife, Rope) except one. It starts with W.


The fifth death is visible behind the head of the main character, Red Mask. Just open the comic to know what death Zodiac didn’t copy.


100 “By water” is one of the death to which Red Mask is condemned to in the main story of the comic. A death “by water” is the signature used by Zodiac also in his last official letter (1).

101 Zodiac copied the sentences on the wheel drawn on the comic’s cover, didn’t use the word “death”, didn’t write “by water”, to underlined (11) that his signature is “By water” (1).

102 The most famous literary “death by water” was written by T.S. Eliot, in the poem The Waste Land. The main character of “Death by water” is a young sailor. He is introduced by a clairvoyant: “Here, said she, is your card, the drowned Phoenician Sailor”. His name is Phlebas. He died by water, and “a current under sea picked his bones in whispers”.Fear death by water” the clairvoyant warns.
Zodiac alluded to Phlebas using the Phoenician alphabet (89), drawing a skeleton which performs the Ok gesture (83). In this way – through the quote (easy to find) of T.S. Eliot – he could enhance his real signature, “By water” (101) and the quote (really hard to find) of Tim Holt (5).



103 Zodiac copied the sentences from the comic’s cover, with some differences (not only those in 85, 86). First, Zodiac inverted the order of the death by; second, he drawn a By differently from the others; third, he written a N backwards (he never did it).


104 Zodiac still wrote the aberration “paradice” with a “C” instead of writing “paradise”. He did the same in the Z408 (possible reason for the use of the word “paradice” – see 129).


105 There is a letter P on the same line of the letter N written backwards. If the letter P is flipped like the letter N, the P would become a letter Q, and not only a P written backwards. Zodiac wanted a Q.


106 Zodiac could write a sentence with a Q, if he wants this letter. if he didn’t do that, it’s because he couldn’t change the sentences he copied from the comic’s cover he wanted absolutely to quote (94).

107 A CQ is composed by the aberration C of Paradice and the flipped P.


108 Water in italian is ACQUA, and it is the only italian substantive (it and his derivates) where it’s possible found a CQ.


109 Zodiac confirmed not only the link between the Q and his name and between, the water and his signature, but he made a link through the linguistic particularity “CQ” (106), his name with a Q (78) and his signature(101), “water”, which is the Italian word “ACQUA” and contains just a CQ (108). The name of Zodiac might contain not only a Q, but the Italian word ACQUA (11).


110 The Q is a letter of the name of Zodiac (78). On page 4 of the Halloween Card, Zodiac turned the N to have a Q (105). He might have made this choice to have all the letters of his name on the last page, if not it would be unexplained why he made the game. If that is true, the name of Zodiac might contain also a B. The letter B is the symbol of the Latin Alphabet most present in the Z408 and the Z340 (8th November 1969). In the case of the Halloween Card, the B  of “By knife” is strangely the unique B that Zodiac wrote alone, maybe, to underlined the importance of this letter for him.

111 Zodiac in this card included three letters written backwards (J, Yodh, N). And also a Q (105).



Blue meanies Zodiac

112 In the letter A, the killer wrote a citation of the movie “Yellow Submarine”, calling the Police in the same way of the opponent of the main character.


113 The quote of Yellow Submarine is enhanced by the final sentence of the letter, that underlined the meaning of the quote (be submerged by water – 101).


114 Zodiac stole his name and his symbol from a watches brand.


115 The Zodiac Sea Wolf is “one of the first diver watches manufactered and marketed to the masses”.
Obviously it’s waterproof.


116 Like he “always said” (also in the letter of the 5th October 1970), Zodiac is “crack-proof”.


117 In his last official letter, postmarked 24th January 1974 (C), Zodiac wrote:
“Signed, yours truley:
He plunged himself into the billowy wave
and an echo arose from the suicide’s grave:
titwillow, titwillow, titwillow”.

This is the quote of a drowning in the Mikado of Arthur Sullivan ad W.S. Gilbert. Here’s the quote of the opera played by Mitchell Butel – min 1.38 –: https://youtu.be/AoAmmiTzliI.

118 Zodiac linked himself just to “water, acqua” (108) and not only to say he is someone who says “OK” underwater (83) or makes “some” quotes on the water. The final signature of Zodiac is “drink the water”. The Italian figuratively meaning of Bevilacqua (60) is just “to drown” (C). Like he wrote also in the Melvin Belli letter postmarked 20th December 1969: he is “drowning”.


119 If the authors Kevin Robert Brooks and Richard Grinell are right, the final symbols below the Post Scriptum on the “Exorcist letter” are the words “To KILL!”. Source: zodiacciphers.com.


120 The Exorcist letter contains not only a signature (74), but also the second quote in the Zodiac correspondence of the publication number 30 of the comic Tim Hold (5, 84). The sentence quoted by Zodiac is on page 22 and it’s part of the story “The fight at the water hole”.

The fight at the Water Hole Zodiac

121 This is the last official quote of the Zodiac Killer. “Go to drink water! We KILL!”




122 Thanks to the game p-q (105), on the page 4 of the Halloween Card (94) there are all the letters of the alphabet of the name “Giuseppe Bevilacqua”. There are not all the letters of any other suspects, except Bruce Davis, whose name, however, doesn’t contain a Q (78). For the signature see 130.




123 All the murders claimed by the Zodiac Killer were committed in or near places with a link to the water, also in San Francisco (Lake Street – Paul Stine murder, Potomac Street – Richard Radetich murder).

124 Lac doesn’t mean just the resinous substance of the Kerria Lac, but also “lake” in French (Zodiac killed close to Lake Herman, Lake Berryessa, Lake Thaoe, Lake Street…).


125 Lac is also an anagram of ACAB in the simplest substitution cipher letters to numbers (A=1, B=2…); the crime scene of Zodiac in San Francisco on 11th October 1969 was just a cab.

126 The advertising in the following pictures is anachronistic (date back 80’s), but the Italian liquor Zucca (italian word that means pumpkin) has been always represented from the 50’s to the 90’s by a girl who imitates a letter Z similar to the one Zodiac drawn in the Halloween Card (even If the dot in this case belong to an exclamation point).

“It’s on me” says the girl.


127 The owner of zodiackillersite.com Tom Voigt deems as authentic of Zodiac a Christmas card addressed to the San Francisco Chronicle in December 1990. The card was sent from Eureka, California. It contains a Xerox copy of two keys. If Voigt is right, the numbers of the keys are 78408 and 58851. If it’s true, the keys contain the initials of Giuseppe Bevilacqua. Applying an addition to the numbers of each key, the results in both the cases are 27, which means B.G. in the substitution cipher A=1, B=2 etc. Eureka is also the exclamation of Archimedes when he discovered doing a bath that “the volume of water displaced must be equal to the volume of the part of his body he had submerged” (source: en.wikipedia.com).

128 The several movies and literary quotes to the water, in the correspondence of Zodiac, might be a symptom of a real obsession of the killer, and not just a “game”.

129 There is only one book known with the word “Paradice” in the title, in the large collection of the digital library Hatitrust: Paradice Regaind, or The Art of Gardening, John Lawrence, 1728.
Zodiac might find this title in the notes of some publications on the gardening. In the notes of the same same types of publications Zodiac might find also the Historia Naturalis of Pliny, which he quoted two times (see cerosus 57, quanam 31). It’s Zodiac himself who made this “gardening” metaphor to describe his method of shoting: “All I had to do it was spray them like a water hose” (4th August 1969).


130 An american witness with the name of Zodiac compares in the Monster of Florence case’s files (Italy, 1974 – 1985). His identity is Giuseppe Bevilacqua but he wants to be called Joe, or Joseph, at best (source: ostellovolante.com).
Bevilacqua was born on 20th December 1935, at Totowa, New Jersey, in the United States of America. He was a CID agent in the ‘60s, ‘70s (General View). Bevilacqua was reported for duty in the American Cemetery of Florence on 1st July 1974 (source: ABMC annual report – fiscal year 1975). Few months later he became an assistant-superintendent of the American Monuments Battle Commission.
Bevilacqua, now retired, lives in a town near Florence. He is an expert gardener and a stamp collector. He has a bulldog named Ophelia (102).


131 The Americans who drive to the American Cemetery of Florence from the city could see, one mile before the cemetery, the following street sign of a sportive centre of the zone, situated in Tavarnuzze. The name of the centre – which changed the management several times – dates back 1979.


Many thanks to Dave Pitt, Toxicity, Lang05ta, Sobieski and Cris Vienna for their help. And to all the folks of imostridifirenze.forumfree.com.


The solution could be discovered also thanks to Joe Bevilacqua (130, on the left, in the picture above – PGMS newsletter, July 2008). Bevilacqua helped me to confirm the solution of the “My name is cipher”.
When I gave him the letter of 20th April 1970, he read out of loud the sentence used to crack the Zodiac Killer (26), focusing puzzled on the word “cerous” (General View) and suggesting me implicitly that just cerous was the key to conclude his game (57).

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