Zodiac and his references to the water and “wash”

Robert Graysmith wrote in his 1986 book “Zodiac”:

I realized that all of Zodiac’s killings had been around water. (p. 79)

He added:

I thought it was strange that the killing so far had taken place in locations that had a form of water in their name: Lake Herman Road,  Blue Rock Springs, Lake Berryessa, Washington Street, which was quite close to Lake Street. (p. 146)

Graysmith underlined the same observation in his more recent “Zodiac Unmasked”:

Water always figured in his crimes somewhere. (Introduction)


It’s observable that all the places of Zodiac’s official assaults and locations of phone booths where he called the police had a reference to the “water” and “wash”. Zodiac mentioned the water in one way or in another one in several letters, too. I put these references in the following list.

References to water by Zodiac
1. Riverside, October 30, 1966 (the city where the murder was committed);
2. Dive watch Zodiac Sea Wolf, 1967 (advertisement);
3. Lake Herman Road, December 20, 1968 (crime location);
4. Blue Rock Springs, July 4, 1969 (crime location);
5. Springs Road, July 5, 1969 (phone booth location);
6. «Water hose», August 4, 1969 (letter);
7. Lake Berryessa, September 27, 1969 (crime location);
8. «I am drownding», December 20, 1969 (letter);
9. «Blue meannies», yellow submarine (movie on The Beatles), April 20, 1970 (letter);
10. «I was swamped out by the rain», April 20, 1970 (letter);
11. «I shall listen to their pleass for water», July 26, 1970 (letter);
12. «I am crack (instead of water) proof», October 5, 1970 (postcard);
13. «By fire, by gun, by knife, by rope (on the cover he copied there was also “by water” which here is omitted)», October 27, 1970, Halloween card, (based on the cover of Tim Holt No. 30, discovery by Tahoe27 here);
14. «I am crack (instead of water) proof», March 13, 1971 (letter);
15. «Blue meannies», yellow submarine, March 13, 1971 (letter);
16. «He plunged himself into the billowy wave and an echo arose from the suicides grave» (a “death by water”, excerpt from the Mikado by William S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan), January 29, 1974 (last signature).

It has been recently discovered (here’s the news) that also the Monster of Florence did the same in his only official letter postmarked September 9, 1985.

17. The title of the main article the Monster cut for his message contains the only whole word (“Della”) the mass murder pasted on the envelope. It reads: «Dear sweet waters, I do not know you anymore: my childhood dream is ended here». From here, the murderer cut other two letters: the E of acque, waters, and Z.

Zodiac Monster of Florence Chiara water

References to “wash” by Zodiac
1. Washing line ( link), September 27, 1969 (evidence);
2. Car wash (link), September 27, 1969 (phone booth location);
3. Washington Street, October 11, 1969 (crime scene);
4. «Washington street», October 13, 1969 (letter);
5. «I just washed my pen», November 8, 1969 (greeting card).

6. The “Italian” serial killer cut the punctuation from an advertisement for a washing machine brand as below.

Zodiac Monster of Florence wash

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